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Hat w/ Pom

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Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Capital Block Knit-in Name Letters (see bottom of page)
  • Stripes and Colors. Product has 1 or 2 lines, approximately 9 letters per line, same name front and back.
  • If name is longer than approximately 9 letters per line, it will be knit on one line and is a 144-piece minimum.
  • Custom Jacquard Logos, Designs and Special Lettering require a 300-piece minimum.

Hi everybody, I’m Noah Rothschild and thanks for supporting my small business. Growing up in Buffalo, NY I know the importance of a warm knit hat in the wintertime. I learned the business of custom printables from my grandfather at a young age, and launched an ecommerce site with my dad in our basement during the 90s, long before Amazon. Knits by Noah started when I went to college at Northwestern University, and, one particularly snowy, Buffalo-like winter, I had a couple dozen bright green and yellow knit hats with poms made for my fraternity. They became a hit on campus and beyond as word spread, and the classic knit beanie was cool again.

I decided to build Knits by Noah to help groups everywhere make their own customized winter hats, scarves and earbands that are Made in the USA. Our one-of-a-kind “Design Your Own” knit hat ecommerce webstore allows you to order customized products, select custom colors, add stripes and pompoms.

So if you're looking to create spirit wear for your school, team or business, we're here for you!

Colorful, nostalgic and fun, our products are knit to order and perfect for ski clubs, hockey teams, youth sports, fraternities and sororities, police, fire and highway departments, union halls, small businesses, hunters and outdoorsmen, family reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs and beyond. Nearly any occasion and group can have a fun time with the products from Knits by Noah.

We over a wide variety of acrylic yarn colors: Black, Light Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Gold, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Olive Green, Heather Grey, Navy, Blaze Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, Safety Yellow, Tan, White and more. Some dye lots may vary. Please contact us if you run into any issues with the color options online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

With our unique ecommerce website, create your own knit hats, ear bands, and scarves. Our price includes: Standard Capital Block Knit-in Name Letters, Numbers or Characters, and Stripes. Choose your own colors! Product has 1 or 2 lines, approximately 9 letters per line (including spaces), same name front and back. Minimum order is 36 pieces.

What if I need 9 or more letters per line?

Totally fine most of the time, please contact us.

Can you knit my logo on to the cap?

Yes, we love special orders. Contact us for custom Jacquard Logos, Designs and Special Lettering require a 300-piece minimum.

What is Jacquard?

Jacquard is a textile term for knitting patterns and designs into fabric on a loom. Knits by Noah manufactures our products on century-old machines in a factory that’s still nearly computer-free. Custom designs and patterns are “programmed” on punchcards and the knitting machines are pulled by chains that spin the loom in a mechanical process so your name is knitted and woven directly into the material with any choice of yarn colors.

How soon will they arrive?

Typically within a month, more often in 3 weeks. Our factory gets busy when the weather gets colder so order ahead for holidays for speedy turnaround. We aim to please and beat expectations wherever possible.

How much is shipping? Can you rush orders?

We are competitive on price everywhere possible and are proud to offer flat-rate shipping of $20 to customers in the US. Rush orders are available in extreme cases, but we aim to please. Please contact us.

What’s your cancellation policy?

If an order in production is cancelled, materials, labor and any completed goods will be invoiced. No returns.


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